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Transformations and Attacks

Fighter's Transformation

The cool, second version. Full transformation sequence.

1.03 MB zipped, MOV file

Healer and Maker Transform

The cool, second version. Missing the end poses.

1.79 MB zipped, MOV file

Healer's Henshin and Attack

Complete transformation and attack sequence all together, from episode 192.

3.49 MB zipped, MPG file

Star Serious Laser

The cool, second version. Complete, and in its original Japanese!!

1.96 MB zipped, AVI file

Star Gentle Uterus

The cool, second version of the attack.

2.32 MB zipped, AVI file

Star Sensitive Inferno

The cool, second version of the attack.

3.27 MB zipped, AVI file


Clips and Scenes

Sailor Stars Opening Credits I

Our first shadowy glimpse of the Sailor Starlights.

2.35 MB zipped, Realplayer file

Sailor Stars Opening Credits II

The second version of the opening credits, with the Sailor Starlights in them.

3.45 MB zipped, Realplayer file

Crazy for These Guys

The girls jump up and down, oggling Yaten and Taiki.

2.39 MB zipped, AVI file

A First Glance/Star Serious Laser I

The first appearance of the Sailor Starlights in episode 173, followed by the initial (lame) version of Fighter's attack. There's a weird glitch at the very end of the clip, but it still works fine.

9.71 MB zipped, MPG file

Sailor Starlights Introduction

Is that finger snapping that I hear?! The long, spiffy intro from episode 175.

3.02 MB zipped, AVI file

Usagi and Seiya Play Baseball

Seiya and Usagi fumble through a disasterous attempt to be athletic...

1.06 MB zipped, AVI file

Picking a Fight with the Outer Senshi

Maker and Healer challenge the Outers.

0.66 MB zipped, AVI file

"Am I not good enough?"

Seiya and Usagi in the rain.

2.17 MB zipped, MOV file

Invitation from a Balcony

Seiya accepts Usagi's invitation to the school festival.

1.02 MB zipped, MOV file

Seiya's Memories

Seiya daydreams about the past, but . . . .

2.17 MB zipped, MOV file

The Kiss

Seiya gives a farewell kiss to Usagi.

1.55 MB zipped, MOV file

Preview for Episode 196

Lots of explosions, death, and all sorts of fun stuff.

1.48 MB zipped, MOV file

Inner Senshi Die

The Inner Senshi die defending Sailor Moon and the Starlights.

1.40 MB zipped, AVI file

Inner Senshi's Last Words

The Inner Senshi's last words to the Starlights

2.15 MB zipped, AVI file

Fighter Defends Sailor Moon

It's Star Serious Laser versus World Shaking . . . D'oh. World Shaking wins.

0.83 MB zipped, AVI file

Preview for Episode 199

Can you say Starlights suicide attack? Gee, I wonder what other fun, perky scenes are in store in episode 199.

1.53 MB zipped, AVI file

Starlights Attack Galaxia

The final near-suicidal attack against Galaxia. This clip is missing the first part of the animation, but you can see most of that in the preview for the episode, above.

2.26 MB zipped, MOV file